Wet Weather Guide

We know that the nicest day at the wildlife park can be when the sun is shining, it’s not too hot and it’s dry, however you don’t need to miss out on a fun day out for all the family just because there’s some water dropping from the sky! Here’s how to make the most out of your day with us when it’s raining:

1 – Get tropical

Head on over to the tropical house where you can see some of our most colourful and certainly most active birds by walking with them. The rainbow lorikeets, crowned pigeon, mouse birds and other aerial acrobats will have your eyes reeling as they fly past you at top speed. There are also koi carp and bush babies.

2 – Warm up

From there it’s just a short walk to the reptile house which is one of the warmest parts of our park, being home to various snakes, lizards, bugs and amphibians. There are plenty of animals in here to see and the fun part is that some of them are masters of disguise so it’s a great way to spend some time.

3 – Visit our closest cousins

The chimpanzee habitat is home to our closest genetic relatives as well as a number of small primates and out sloth. Our chimps alone can be so active that you can spend plenty of time watching them or be peaceful with them while they have their siesta! Check to see when their talk times are, and if it’s raining they’ll probably be inside!

4 – Peruse our museum collection

Lots of people don’t realise that we even have a museum but it’s located at the back of our education center and some times you may even see our educators in there giving you a chance to see up close and even touch some of our museum artifacts!

5 – Run for cover

Most of our enclosures have under cover areas (although many of them may be small, others like the tiger and mandrill corridor can house plenty of people), so you can dart between enclosures.

6 – Burn off some energy

This is one for the kids… why not come and join us in the indoor play area to burn off some energy while you wait for the weather to blow over, or get a season ticket and make a visit to the play area a full visit on a wet day to get the little ones away from the television!

7 – Have a soggy picnic

We’ve got areas where you can eat your packed lunch under cover, so even if you’re a little soggy, there’s no reason why your picnic should be too! Before you go out pack yourself a thermos with some warm soup and you can have the perfect lunch even if the rain comes with lower temperatures!

8 – Grab some warm lunch

We have 2 restaurants with both serving hot food for most of the year (at least one serves hot food every day) offering a nice warm place to dry off if you’re going for our final activity!

9 – Brave the weather

It’s only water right? Some of our animals enjoy the rain so don a poncho or rain coat, bring your brollie or just get wet and enjoy a day with us. Wet days are usually a little quieter so if you want to enjoy the park with less people around, don’t let a little rain stand in your way!

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