Park Facilities

At the park we have tried to ensure that our facilities offer you the most comfortable and enjoyable surroundings for your trip. All of the facilities at the park have been designed to ensure that your visit is safe. However, please remember a few things when you visit the park to ensure that the trip gives you the best benefits.

  • Ensure that you use our designated hand wash and sanitiser stations throughout the day especially before you eat or go home.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult in the play area at all times.

Park Facilities Include:

  • A number of toilets, including disabled toilets.
  • Baby changing facilities.
  • A cafe which serves food and drink all year from 10:00am until 5:00pm (earlier closing time applies during the winter season – please call ahead for details if required), as well as a refreshment kiosk which is situated by the play area.
  • Many Picnic areas.
  • A large indoor play area for children open all year from 10:00am until 5:00pm (earlier closing time applies during the winter season – please call ahead for details if required), (where they must be supervised at all times by an adult.  Shoes must be removed but socks kept on at all times).  For full rules of the indoor play area please click here.

Disabled Access:

Since the park was taken over by its current owners in February 2008 a lot of work went in to ensuring that we make the park as accessible as possible to wheelchair users and people who are not able to walk long distances. There are numerous benches around the park to help break up the walk, and we are planning on putting more benches in all the time.

In 2008 there were numerous areas around the park (such as the Meerkat and Otter enclosures) were very difficult or impossible to access by wheel chair. We have tried to eliminate as many of these as possible and there shouldn’t be any animals which you cannot see if you use a wheel chair (although some walk through enclosures may still be difficult to access, such as the Flamingos, however in the name of the welfare of our animals, such things can sometimes be unavoidable – you can still see any such animals from outside the enclosure).

Some of the paths in the park are compacted gravel / road stone and as such not solid tarmac, meaning that in some areas and during some weather conditions, the paths may be a little bit bumpy. The vast majority of the park however has tarmac paths, and as such you can get around the entire park including areas such as the big cats, dinosaurs, play areas, restaurants, tropical house, reptile house and more without leaving a solid tarmac path.  Areas such as the Tigers and play area are also only accessible up a very gentle slope. We try to keep the paths in as good an order as possible for wheel chair users, however in some areas pushing a wheel chair may be a little harder work than on a smooth surface.

The whole park has step-free access.

As of 1st April 2017 we also have a fully accessible toilet by the main reception which is complete with an adult changing bench and hoist.  Please note that this room is locked and you will need to get this key from reception for access, and we ask that you please bring your own sling to fit the standard fit hoist.

Kent Zoo with Disabled access toilet