Talks and Feed Times

One of the biggest draws for our visitors is our hands-on approach and the many talks and displays which you can find at the park at no extra cost throughout the week! Please see the list below for a round up of our talks and displays:

Subject of TalksLocationDaysTimes
Term TimeHolidays
Capuchins, Squirrel Monkeys & Vervet MonkeysSmall Primates (Behind the Education Centre)DailyDaily11:30
Otter FeedingOtter EnclosureDailyDaily12:00
Hands on Animal EncounterEducation CentreWeekendsDaily12:30
Penguin FeedingPenguin EnclosureDailyDaily13:00 & 15:00
Red Panda TalkRed Panda EnclosureDailyDaily13:30
Coati & Raccoon TalkCoat & Raccoon EnclosureDailyDaily13:45
Big Cat TalkLion EnclosureDailyDaily14:00
Tiger FeedingTiger EnclosureDailyDaily14:30
Ring Tailed Lemur TalkRing Tailed Lemur Walkthrough EnclosureDailyDaily14:45
Wolf TalkWolf EnclosureDailyDaily15:30

Please note: Our talks and displays are subject to change depending on the weather, etc. If you are coming to visit us with the intention of seeing a particular talk, please call in advance on 01227 720836, to check the availability.