How To Support WWPAW

WWPAW is a charity which needs the support of people such as yourselves to ensure that all of the great work which the charity has planned can be carried out. Whilst Wingham Wildlife Park are able to support WWPAW through the donation of space, resources and expertise there are other aspects of WWPAW’s work which require financial aid. Helping WWPAW carry out that work may be easier and more affordable than you might think!

Sponsored Events

Occasionally staff from Wingham Wildlife Park, our trustees and other supporters participate in events and tasks to try to raise funds and awareness of WWPAW.  We will endeavor to list all of these below to show you how people are getting involved and how you can help them!  If you would like to donate money to us by being sponsored for something (whether it is running, walking, being silent, jumping out of a plane or doing any number of other activity which you think will test or stretch you), please let us know and we’ll be happy to support it here!

3 Obstacle Run Challenge

Markus, has set a challenge to compete in up to 3 obstacle runs in 2019, and has invited other members of the team at Wingham Wildlife Park to join him in either doing all 3 or just having a go at one.  You can see the various runs below including a list of who is competing in either each individual event or in all 3 – we’d like to add a huge thank you to all of our team members who are helping us to raise funds by taking part in these events!  Please help them out by sending your support in the form of sponsorship money – it’s all going to the same cause!

All 3 events

See dates and start times below

Jackie fund me Laurice fund me Markus fund me
Gung Ho, Maidstone

8th June 2019 (start time to be confirmed)

Ayrton fund me
georgia fund meian fund me
Josh fund me molly fund me
Gung Ho, Crystal Palace

13th July 2019 (10:00 am start wave)

tony fund me
Nuclear Blast, Brentwood

7th September 2019 (start time to be confirmed)

georgia fund meJodie fund me
molly fund me

If you’re local to any of these events and are in the area feel free to cheer them on and if you’d like to make a donation to sponsor one, or all of them but aren’t comfortable with using Go Fund Me (who are the UK’s top crowd funding and fund raising platform) you can still do so with an old school sponsor form and cash at the park!  We want to get all these guys the most support for their hard work as possible.