This blog will be celebrating ‘Fun At Work Day’ and dedicated to our keepers with some photos of them doing some of the fun and the not-so fun parts of the job! I wanted to give the keepers a much-needed giggle for the end of January by catching their best side at work. 

*Some of these photos may have been edited* 😉

What makes you smile at work? 

I am grateful for all the rewarding moments I have during training and there have been lots of them! It always makes me smile when the animals I train see me and they run towards me, it never gets old. Also when the guinea fowl randomly follow you throughout the park, I love them! 


I love taking the penguins for a walk and giving enrichment out, especially the chickens, kookaburras and parrots who really love their enrichment! 


Scale training with the capybaras, they really enjoy it and make amazing squeaks. 

Sam- Birds

the Palm cockatoo courtship display makes me smile, its fabulous! 


When you work really hard making a piece of enrichment and the animal gets a lot of enjoyment out of it puts a smile on my face. 


The penguins always make me smile. 


I enjoy doing the experiences and sharing funny stories about our animals.



Sam- Reptiles and Inverts

I like doing the training with our crocodiles.

I hope you enjoyed this and that some of these made you smile too.

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