Lived in Laramidia which is now North America.

Time Period:

They lived during the upper cretaceous period so around 70- 65 million years ago. This was the last epoch of the Cretaceous period. The Cretaceous period was the third and final segment of the Mesozoic Era after the Triassic and Jurassic periods.

Until the Mesozoic Era the continents which exist today were fused into one super continent known as Pangaea. During the Cretaceous period Pangaea broke apart and spread across the Earth’s surface. This change slowly cooled the climate of our planet and the continents and oceans familiar to us today began to take form. The period ended with the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.


They were around the same size as a fully grown giraffe and had an incredible 11 meter (36 ft) wingspan, weighing around 200 kg (440lbs).


Quetzalcoatlus was a carnivore which mostly scavenged for small land and water species.

Interesting Facts:

Unlike their smaller cousin, the pterosaur, their legs were similar to horses and suited to a terrestrial lifestyle. They might not have even been able to fly. Palaeontologists have studied their fossils and many believe that Quetzalcoatlus jumped off the side of cliffs to glide back down to the ground.

It was first discovered during the 1970s and was named after the mythical Mesoamerican feathered serpent god named Quetzalcoatl.