Goeldi’s Monkey

Goeldies Monkey with baby at Wingham Wildlife Park by Les Willis

Goeldi’s Monkey Natural History


This monkey has a body length of around 8 inches with the tail adding a further 12 inches or so to its size. Their weight ranges from 350 grams up to 550 grams (12- 19 ounces).

Habitat and Distribution

This species live in rainforests through the upper Amazon basin regions of Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.


This species generally lives for around 10 years in captivity.


This species feeds on a variety of food items including fruits, sap and a large number of insects.

Groups and Breeding

A female goeldi’s monkey will give birth to a single baby per year after a gestation of 140 to 180 days. After birth the Mother will call care for her young for the first 2- 3 weeks. However after this period the male will take over most of these responsibilities with the exception of feeding, weaning takes around 65 days.


This species is listed as being vulnerable due to its range being greatly fragmented by unsustainable living habitat where the forest has been destroyed through logging activity. Due to this there is an increased difficulty in breeding new and pure bloodlines and increased competition between groups over food.

Interesting facts

This species shares its range with a number of tamarin species and can sometimes be seen living amongst mixed groups of tamarins in the wild.

The Goeldi’s Monkey During Your Day Out in Kent

The group of goeldi’s monkeys at Wingham Wildlife Park live next to the black tailed marmosets between the red ruffed lemurs and mandrills.