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We have some great news… Our female porcupine has given birth again… and its another white one! To celebrate we would like to get you all involved in finding a suitable name for the white porcupine she gave birth to earlier this year!

The newest baby was born yesterday but the one we want to name is a female who was born at Wingham Wildlife Park on 10th April 2014. She is an African Crested Porcupine (Hystrix cristata)… All we want from you is to reply to this post with what you think she should be called… on Monday 25th we will choose our 10 favourite names ready for everyone to..

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Thank you to Sophie Russell who amongst other things (including peanut butter, honey, tennis balls and hessian sacks) gave us some millet sprays… We decided to try these with some of our monkeys who really enjoyed it!

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