We have been thinking of a way to add new, exciting and most importantly personal content to the Wingham Wildlife Park website, and with the help of some of our dedicated keepers, we have come up with the perfect way to do so…  We’d like to introduce you to our brand new Keeper Blog!



A number of our keepers have offered to write some content, which we hope to be able to update on a fairly regular basis, about the things they love the most – their animals.  We feel very lucky to have such a dedicated and skilled team of animal care keepers working for us, all of whom have a real passion for their animals as well as animals, wildlife and conservation in general.  We receive a lot of great comments from visitors about the time which our keepers take to speak to them, especially when doing talks.  However, our animal care staff are often busy and only get a limited amount of time to spare for having a chat about their favourite subjects…  That’s where this blog comes in!

There are loads of subjects which interest our staff, and which they would love to make time to talk to people about – now they will have a platform to do so!

Crowned Crane

As time progresses you can expect to see articles written here, answering questions like, “what do keepers do all day?”  “How do I become a zoo keeper?”  “What’s your favourite animal?” and much more.  Before our keepers do, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the concept of this new blog to every one, and say a big thank you from all of us at Wingham Wildlife Park to the keepers who have agreed to share their thoughts, anecdotes and impart their knowledge through what we hope will be some engaging articles which they have agreed to write in their own time!

WWPAWMore from me

As well as hearing from the keepers, I hope that I will be able to share some of my own stories, especially when I am out and about on animal movements or doing what I love the most, going out and seeing animals in the wild.  One thing which you will certainly see on here now and again is information about the progress I make in the lead up to the Thames Path Challenge, which I am taking part in this year to raise money for the Wingham Wildlife Park Animal Welfare (WWPAW) charity.

I am always up for getting involved in raising money for the work done here at Wingham Wildlife Park, and especially now as chairman of WWPAW, I want to see the conservation, education and animal re-homing work go from strength to strength.  Whether it is facing my fear of heights (I get clammy hands just standing on a step ladder) on a 1,000 m long, 200 m high zip-line in Costa Rica during a trip in 2013 or agreeing to shave my head an beard during the chimpanzee fund raiser in 2015 – I want to get involved and hope you will back me and support this journey.

Chimpanzee Enclosure

The Thames Path Challenge is a 100 Km long walk from Bishops Park in Fulham to Mill meadows in Henley.  For people who know me, it’s no secret that I don’t exercise – but this challenge is going to change that!  Without the dedication to train I will not be able to complete the 25 – 30 hour non stop walk (both day and night), and I hope that you can help me reach my goal of £395 which needs to be raised for me to even be allowed to participate.  I need 50% of this by 1st August 2016 an the rest by 11th September 2016.

You can donate in person or via gofundme to help raise these funds:


Please help me be able to make a difference to the work we do with WWPAW…  We have big plans for the future and I look forward to sharing these plans through this blog!


About Markus - Curator

Markus is the animal collections curator at Wingham Wildlife Park and has been with the park since 2009. When working with the animals he still spends time in the reptile house which has always been his passion and forte. Outside work his main passion is travelling the world and seeing animals in their natural habitats.

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