Fund Raising

At Wingham Wildlife Park we try to carry out fund raising events when we can, however with the responsibilities of trying to organise conservation initiatives and implement our education protocol with limited staff, it can be difficult for us to organise as many fund raising events as we would like. As a result we very much appreciate any help which you may be able to give in support of raising funds for us.

Fund raising can be done in a variety of ways and in numerous places. If you would like to organise a fund raising event for us, or would like to do an activity to gain sponsorship money on our behalf please do get in touch and discuss your ideas with us. The best way to get in touch is to either phone the parks main reception on 01227 720836 or contact us online.

Below is a list of ideas which you may wish to pursue on our behalf, or maybe you have your own ideas? We would love to gain your support, and have included a list of links to material which may be of use for you at the end of this document. Feel free to use any of those files to help you with your fund rasing ideas.

Fund Raising Ideas:

  • Sponsored events (such as fun runs, marathons, bicycle rides, mountain climbing etc.) Download our complimentary Sponsor Form.
  • Cake sales
  • Garage sales or boot fairs
  • Raffles at your local clubs or schools etc.
  • Talk about an area of interest or expertise (especially applies to people with experience or qualifications in conservation, veterinary care etc.). Such talks can be held in our education centre with proceeds from entry sales going to the park.
  • Themed parties

This is a very small list of ideas to get you started and I am sure that our visitors can come up with many more ideas. Also more ideas and advice on how to conduct any of these events can be found at

Feel free to publicise such events as well as you can, but also note that if it is an event which is open to anyone we can put a note in our newsletter and list it as an event on our face book page to maximise the exposure. Also a thank you note will be happily attached to our monthly newsletter to show our gratitude for any such help we receive.

If you do not have the time to organise your own events because we know how time consuming they can be, but would like to help out anyway why not lend a hand on the day of an event or just as importantly take part! Fund raising events do not work if they are not attended, so join the fun and help raise money to help the animals in our park. You can find private and club events advertised as the organisers see fit, and all events organised by Wingham Wildlife Park will be advertised in the events section of our website and on our official Face Book page.