Corporate Sponsorship

4At Wingham Wildlife Park we are happy to work with other businesses, especially local businesses and those with like minded ethics.  We are able to work with you in a number of ways depending on your needs. To speak to us about any of the options below, please feel free to contact our main reception by phone on 01227 720836 or contact us online.

Enclosure Sponsorship

If you are a business interested in setting up a sponsorship for one of our current enclosures or upcoming projects please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Depending on the type of the sponsorship the price will vary but we are happy to see what you would like to donate to our cause.  Sponsorship of an enclosure can come in the form of signage or a plaque to commemorate your help and can be applied to both current and upcoming projects.  One type of sponsorship which is of great use to us, applies mainly to builders, and material suppliers.  if you are in the building trade and are looking at donating materials or your work force to help us build an upcoming project a sign will be erected in thanks to show this support.

Product Donations

If you are a producer, supplier or end user of a product which may be of use to us and would like to donate a quantity to us, we would be more than happy to take charge of these items and thank you in the appropriate manner (such as a thank you sign in an appropriate area of the park).  An example of this is the much appreciated donation of rope by Trans Europa Ferries which is used to furnish our Gibbon enclosures, or fruit and veg donated by Tesco, Sainsbury’s and the Co-Op to help feed our animals.

Product Sampling

Depending on the product we may be able to help by allowing you a small space in the park to offer your product as samples for our visitors, to promote the item.  Depending on the size of your pitch and length of stay, cost is negotiable.  Any product which is sampled or promoted in the park would need to be something which we would be happy to endorse ourselves, and would apply to things such as green energy / recycling products, fair trade products, free range products etc.

Radio Broadcasting

If you are from a radio station and would like to broadcast a show from here feel free to get in touch.  We have had open air broadcasts from KMFM before and have full facilities available for broadcasting vehicles and equipment.


You may be looking for animals or locations to film, which may be for use in films, documentaries, tv shows, adverts, web broadcast etc.  Many of our animals and locations are very photogenic and we would be happy to discuss any options which you may be looking for.