The Conservation Warriors – Days out for families in Kent

Family Days Out in Kent

Have just become that bit more enjoyable and dare we say… educational!

The conservation warriors

At Wingham Wildlife Park we are passionate about conservation, education and family values, which is why we have teamed up with Wingham Wildlife Park Animal Welfare and Sandwich Wildlife Park to produce the Conservation Warriors Endangered Species Activity Book.

How much does it cost?

Conservation Warriors Endangered Species Activity Book front coverThis book is available for sale at Wingham Wildlife Park for £1.50 per book and is designed to be enjoyed by families as a way of making a day trip to Wingham Wildlife Park even more fun.

What’s inside?

It is packed with puzzles such as cross word, word search, maze and even dot to dot activities which relate to the animals at the park, their wild counter parts and what conservation means to these species.

If you do well, there is even a link to a special page on this website where you can download and print out a certificate for your little conservation warrior.

How do we use this guide?

This book is designed to make a trip to the wildlife park a little more enjoyable and engaging for children.  We believe that children are the future of conservation and the people who will help keep endangered species alive for years to come.  If we can get them as excited about wildlife as we are, nature is on the right track!

However the book doesn’t have to be completed at the park, and the activities allow you to take the book home, finish it off there or fill in the whole thing once you get home.