Further Education Visits to Wingham Wildlife Park

We know that the key to having a positive experience with us is to ensure that everything which you get is to the standard which your students can understand and appreciate, which is why we have implemented the following:

What Further Education Establishments Should Expect:

  • 22 classroom talks in our education building, which we will tailor to your age requirements.  Choose your topic, give us the age of your kids and we’ll think of the rest.
  • 170+ animal specific talks available at pre-booked times!  Just choose your animal from the animal a – z.


Entrance fees

Students £9 each with 1 free adult for every 10 paying students and all additional adults costing £9 each.  We do not charge for members, providing they bring their membership cards, however these membership holders do not count towards the students adding up to free adult tickets.  Please note that the qualify a trip must be during term time and organised by the university or student union otherwise attendees may need to pay the normal entrance fee.


We offer 2 different types of talk at our park:

Classroom talks to be chosen from the list of topics on the main school page.  These must be pre-ordered but cannot be booked for a specific time slot until the day of the visit.  Priced at £1 per student, with a minimum cost of £20.

Keeper animal talks to be chosen from the animal a – z section (we can talk about any animal in our park).  These must be pre-ordered including a pre-booked time slot.  Priced at £1 per student, with a minimum cost of £20.

Please note that these talks are all aimed at a general knowledge audience and as such we do not generally go in to sixth form and degree level knowledge.  These are great ways to introduce a certain topic, however if you have a specific requirement in mind regarding your talks (this applies most significantly to the keeper animal talks who have a much more niche specialised knowledge of their individual animals), please contact us to see if we can provide a custom talk (charges may be higher for a custom talk).


In order to secure a booking we require a deposit of £45 (equivalent to 5 students) to accompany a booking form.

How to Book:

We recommend that you book as early as possible and do so by firstly giving us a ring on 01227 720836 or getting in touch by email using the form below, to ensure that we have space for your group and to discuss any details such as animal specific keeper talks.  Once everything has been provisionally organised in this manner we will note the details in our booking system, at which point we will wait for a signed booking form and deposit to be forwarded to us.

Please click the link below for a copy of the booking form:

Further Education Booking Form 19-20

Once we have this organised you will be able to also booking in (if necessary) a visit for up to 2 members of staff to do a risk assessment visit per booking.  They may come during opening hours on any day (except for bank holidays), however if there are more than 1 person they must both work for the school and should bring their staff id.  If a teacher comes with members of their family or friends from outside the establishment they (including the teacher) will be charged the full price of admission.

A copy of our risk assessment can also be found by clicking here.

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    Important Information

    Coaches & Parking

    We offer free parking which can be used for students, or of course also for coaches. As coaches pull in to our car park, they must turn right in to the coach park where we have ample space for parking. If you come with a smaller coach or mini bus which drops the students off at the car park gate, please ensure that the vehicle is then moved to the coach park for the duration of your visit.

    Group Behaviour

    Please remember that we are a venue with live animals and it is important that these are all shown the level of respect they deserve. We are also open to the public and we have to ensure that everyone is able to have an enjoyable and productive day with us. As such we ask that you follow a number of simple rules for your group:

    • Feeding of animals is not allowed unless it is food specifically provided by our staff as many of our animals are on strict diets. The wrong food in some cases could kill animals with allergies or health issues.
    • When using walk through enclosures, do not try to get the whole group in one go. Allow the door to close between entrances – do not hold doors open. You are also required to follow all instructions and restrictions from staff in these enclosures.
    • Wash hands regularly, especially before eating.
    • Use bins and rubbish bags provided to you for any rubbish produced by your group.
    • Day visitors and other schools have just as much right to be at the park as your group, please be respectful of other people during the visit and ensure that groups are split up as not to restrict movement or viewing throughout the park.

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