Otter Experience

This truly exciting animal experience takes place with our Otters, a species that lives in freshwater habitats such as peat swamps, forest rivers, rice paddies and lakes. We’ve got a page dedicated to them here if you wanted to learn to more about the furry creatures.

Smooth Coated Otters are highly intelligent animals and, as a result, are in need of constant attention and stimulation, which is why we can run activities like this one! They are also very sociable animals, which allows for a great opportunity to meet them up close and personal, whilst getting involved with their care and enrichment activities.

As part of our Otter experience you’ll be able to help two of our keepers with the Otters’ daily activities and really immerse yourself into the life of an Otter keeper by seeing what the keepers do everyday. The experience lasts around 20 minutes and involves their daily feeding and training routine, this is where you’ll get to help show the Otters what to do with their target and give them commands. This will mean you’ll be able to see how they behave and interact with each other to help find food and treats, which usually includes foods such as fresh fish, reptiles, insects and small rodents.

Please note that this experience takes place outside of the enclosure and there will be no contact with the animals for the health and safety of both you and the animals. However, the experience will still be truly exciting and educational, and something that the general public can’t partake in.

If you’d like to treat yourself or a loved one to this amazing experience it is only £70 per person, which also gives you full access to the park, as well as the otter experience. The experience can cater for two people a time and runs daily at 12:00pm. This experience isn’t suitable for under 12’s.

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To book this once in a lifetime experience, you can call us on 01227 720836 or book online (please note, this will open a new tab and take you to an external page).