White Cheeked Turaco

White Cheeked Turaco in the tropical house at Wingham Wildlife Park

White Cheeked Turaco Natural History


This bird has a length of 42cm to 43cm and can weigh from 200g to 320g.

Habitat and Distribution

This birds habitat is made up of forested areas generally at altitudes of between 2200m and 3200m throughout Sudan and Ethiopia.


These birds have a life span of 10 to 12 years.


The majority of this birds diet is made up of fruits and some other vegetable matter however it will also feed on small amounts of insects, especially whilst nesting.

Groups and Breeding

This species of bird often lives in flocks of around 12 birds.

Interesting Fact

They are part of the Musophagidae family which means ‘banana eaters’.

The White Cheeked Turaco During Your Day Out in Kent

You can see the white cheeked turacos at Wingham Wildlife Park in the tropical house. They share this exhibit with many other species such as lorikeets (red winged, goeldis, yellow backed chattering and rainbow), Edwards’s pheasants, eclectus parrots and mouse birds.