Swainsons Rainbow Lorikeet

Australian Rainbow Lorikeet at Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent

Swainsons Rainbow Lorikeet Natural History


The length of this species can vary from 25 to 30cm while its weight tends to be around 100g.

Habitat and Distribution

These birds live in Eastern Australia and Tasmania where they prefer the cover of dense forests.


20 years is an average life span for this species


The majority of this birds diet is made up of fruits, pollen and nectar.

Groups and Breeding

This species does not tend to live in large flocks, preferring smaller flocks or even pairs.  Nests are made in tree hollows where they will lay 1 to 3 eggs which hatch after around 25 days.


In its natural range and habitat it is not threated in the wild, however in some areas of Australia these birds have been released or escaped from people homes.  In such areas the damage which they do to orchards they have been declared a pest.

Interesting facts

The tongue of this species is textured at the end to help them gather nectar and pollen from flowers.

Swainsons Rainbow Lorrikeets During Your Day Out in Kent

You can see the Swainsons rainbow lorikeets at Wingham Wildlife Park in the tropical house. They share this exhibit with many other species such as red winged, goeldis, yellow backed chattering lorikeets, Edwards’s pheasants, eclectus parrots, finches and mouse birds.