Spix’s Night Monkey

Spinx's Night Monkey with baby at Wingham Wildlife Park

Spix’s Night Monkey Natural History


This is a small monkey weighing just 0.5 to 0.8 kg.

Habitat and Distribution

The rainforest canopy of Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil.


The lifespan of this species is aroound 20 years.


The majority of this animals diet is made up of fruit (frugivore), however they do also eat insects and plant leaves.

Groups and Breeding

This is a social species living in family groups of up to 8 individuals. Females will generally give birth to two babies, once per year.


As with many species which live in rainforests, the main threats for this species come from the destruction of their habitat which includes being hunted by loggers for food, and having their populations fragmented into small areas, torn apart by areas where the forest has been cleared.

Interesting Facts

Night monkeys are the only truly nocturnal monkeys.

The Spix Night Monkey During Your Day Out in Kent

The spix night monkey family is on display in the tropical house next to the bat exhibit.