Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python in the reptile house at Wingham Wildlife Park

Reticulated Python Natural History


The longest snake ever accurately measured was a reticulated python measuring 28.5 feet, however there have been unverified reports of these snakes reaching 30 and even 40 feet. Even though Green Anacondas are far more bulky and thus the largest snake, the Reticulated Python is longer.

Habitat and Distribution

This snake is found throughout South East Asian where a number of different locality types and sub species live across many of the islands in the area especially on the Indo-Australian Archipelago (including Sulawesi, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Flores & Timor etc.). Across its range it lives in a variety of habitats, however can generally be found in woodland and rainforest areas.


The life span of this species is believed to lie in the region of 25 to 30 years.


The diet of this snake starts with small mammals and birds as young however as they grow this snake will grow to eat far larger mammal prey such as pigs. The amongst the largest prey ever recorded for such a snake was a weak half starved (but still weighing 23 Kg) female Sun Bear.

Groups and Breeding

This species is an egg laying species which can lay clutches of anywhere between 12 and 80 eggs. These eggs hatch after approximately 88 days, with babies of almost 2 feet in length hatching out.


This species has few threats int he wild, and is now rarely hunted for food or for its skin because it is now heavily farmed in many Asian Countries.

Interesting facts

The New York Zoological Society has a reward of $50,000 for anyone who can find and bring to the states a living and healthy snake of more than 30 feet in length. This applies to any species but is a reward brought about due to reports of how long this species can get. The $50,000 reward was offered in 1997, however it stems from an original offer of a $5,000 reward offered in 1910 by none other than President Theodore Roosevelt. No attempt to cash in such a reward has ever been made.

The Reticulated Python During Your day Out in Kent 

We have three reticulated pythons here at Wingham Wildlife Park. Two share an enclosure together while the third, a much larger albino individual has an enclosure to itself opposite them. They are all on permanent display in to reptile house.