Red Handed Tamarin

Red Handed Tamarins grooming at Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent

Red Handed Tamarin Natural History


This small primate is just 28 cm ( 11 inches) long with a weight of 500 grams

Habitat and Distribution

Their preferred habitat includes a variety of different forest types in Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuala.


They reach 10 years of age in the wild or up to 16 in captivity.


Their diet includes flowers, fruits and insects.

Groups and Breeding

The red handed tamarin is a very sociable animal living in troops of 4-16 individuals led by a female. After a 4-5 month gestation period females with give birth to 1- 2 young. Both males and females share their parental duty. Offspring start weaning by 7 months, and reach maturity at two years.

Threats and Conservation

This species is classed as least concern as they are widespread throughout and common in their range. In fact, they are expanding their range into that of the pied tamarin, replacing them as they compete for food sources.

Interesting Facts

They have been known to jump as far as 60 feet (18 meters).

The Red Handed Tamarin During Your Day Out in Kent

The red handed tamarins at Wingham Wildlife Park can be seen upstairs in the chimpanzee house. This area is also home to common marmosets, emperor tamarins, cotton topped tamarins, southern three banded armadillos, African pygmy hedgehogs, Senegal bush babies, Linnaeus two toed sloth, southern tamandua and a plantain squirrel.