Northern Luzon Cloud Rat

Northern Luzon Cloud Rat at Wingham Wildlife Park

Northern Luzon Cloud Rat Natural History


This is a large rodent, measuring up to 77 cm (30 inches) long and weighing over 2.5 kg.

Habitat and Distribution

These rats can be found in forest and scrub land on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.


Northern Luzon cloud rats can live up to thirteen years in captivity.


This herbivore mainly eats leaves, buds, new plant shoots and enjoys also fruits.

Groups and Breeding

Females usually give birth to a single offspring which they then nurse and carry.

Threats and Conservation

This least concern species holds up fairly well against its threats which include collection as a pet as well as being hunted.

Interesting Facts

An unusual trait for a rodent- these rats carry their young (1 per year), attached to a nipple.

The Northern Luzon Cloud Rat During Your Day Out in Kent

These animals can be seen in our pet villiage next to the reptile house. This area is also home to domesticated rabbits, guinea pigs, chipmunks, rats and laboratory mice.