Koi Carp

Koi Carp in the tropical house at Wingham Wildlife Park

Koi Carp Natural History

These fish can greatly vary in size ranging from 3 foot to as much as 6 foot.

Habitat and Distribution
The Koi carp is an ornate domesticated variant of the common carp and as such does not have its own natural range. They are a cold fresh water fish which tend to live in ponds all over the world.

This fish has an average lifespan of 12 years.

These fish can feed on a variety of aquatic plants and pond insects however due to their domesticated nature they are mainly fed on a variety of commercial pond fish foods.

Groups and Breeding
These fish are able to live solitary lives in ponds but alternatively can also live in huge groups without any issues. During breeding the females spawn, laying thousands of eggs which the males will then fertilise in the water.

This breed does not have any threats as it is constantly being bred more in captivity due to its symbolism in some areas, while in other areas it is purely bred due to the high price some varieties can fetch.

Interesting fact’s
In the 1820s these fish were first bred with the sorts of colours we know today where they were and still are extremely popular as a symbol of love and friendship.

The Koi Carp During Your Day Out in Kent

You can see the koi carp at Wingham Wildlife Park in our tropical house which a particularity beautiful area during the summer with free flying birds, butterfly house and a waterfall which trickles into the ponds. You can feed our koi carp with feed purchased here at the park.