Ghost Carp

Ghost carp at Wingham Wildlife Park

Ghost Carp Natural History

These fish can reach lengths of 1.2m.

Habitat and Distribution
These carp are often found just in commercial fisheries and private collections however some have been recorded in public waterways. This freshwater fish does not have a natural distribution because it is a hybrid made by breeding the Koi carp to the mirror carp.

The average lifespan of this fish is thought to be around 20 years.

The majority of this carps diet is made up of insects and crustaceans however they will also take some aquatic vegetable matter and seasonally will eat fish eggs (including carp).

Groups and Breeding
These fish spawn, releasing hundreds of thousands of eggs which the males will fertilise once they are in the water, by releasing their sperm in the same area as the eggs.

These fish are bred in captivity to keep numbers high for fishing.

Interesting fact’s
This fish is quite prized by fishermen because it is thought to be more intelligent than most larger freshwater fish in Europe making them more of a challenge to catch.

The Ghost Carp During Your Day Out in Kent

The ghost carp at Wingham Wildlife Park live in our large lake. They often swim to the surface of the lake when visitors use our dispensers to feed them along with mirror carp and leather carp.