Bredl’s Carpet Python

Bredl's Carpet Pythons at Wingham Wildlife Park

Bredl’s Carpet Python Natural History


This is one of the larger species of carpet python averaging a length of 2 meters (6 ft 6 in) but larger individuals have reached in excess of 2.5 meters.

Habitat and Distribution

They inhabit the rocky outcrops of inland Australia’s lower mountain ranges.


Over 20 years in captivity.


Bredl’s carpet pythons eat small mammals such as mice and rats.

Groups and Breeding

A female generally lays 20-30 eggs in the early summer. She incubates and protects them by coiling around them for 70 days. Hatchlings measure up to 15 inches.


Although their range is small they have a wide distribution within it.

Interesting facts

Mothers warm their eggs up by ‘shivering’ while coiled around them.

The Bredl’s Carpet Python During Your Day Out in Kent

The Bredl’s carpet pythons at Wingham Wildlife Park live in the reptile house along side a number of other reptiles including snakes, geckos, crocodilians and monitors plus several amphibian and invertebrates species.