Kent Tourism Awards Shortlist

We are very proud to have been short-listed for the Visit Kent tourism awards in the big day out category!

Earlier this year we were thrilled to have won the Muddy Stilettos tourist attraction award and hope that you help us make it a great end to the year with a second award! It is voted for completely by the public so the outcome is in your hands.

Please head over to the visit Kent website using the link below and vote for us, and share this with your friends and family to make them aware of this great set of awards – there are plenty of categories to vote in!…/kent-tourism-awards-2018/

This is especially great for us at this time as we have just opened the new section of our park, Rainforest S.O.S:

At Wingham Wildlife park we have got a wide range of species which live in tropical forest habitats:

  • Lowland tapir
  • Tiger
  • Gray’s monitor
  • Edward’s pheasant
  • Clouded leopard
  • Moon bear
  • Chimpanzee
  • Emperor tamarin
  • 3 banded armadillo
  • + so many more

All of them share one very important issue in the wild.  Whether they are themselves endangered or not – the homes which they share are all potential targets for destruction.

A new exhibit opens at our park on 9th August 2018 which celebrates the rainforest and highlights the issue of deforestation.  Please spend some time reading the signs and seeing the animals in order to learn more about what causes deforestation, what it is and how it can (and in some places is) be stopped.  To try and maximise the impact of this area we are also using it to raise money for the World Land Trust, with a focus on their Vietnamese project, helping to protect the habitat which the Edward’s pheasant needs to survive.

As well as being educational, focusing on such an important and varied subject we do of course have some new animals for you to see!  Firstly you will meet our new group of common squirrel monkeys, before heading down to 2 brand new species for us!  There is a bachelor group of black and white colobus monkeys in the middle, followed by a nice mixed sex group of black crested mangabeys.

We are very excited for you to join us to learn about the rainforest!