Dinosaur Exhibit Open!

We have been having some maintenance work done on our dinosaur exhibit. They are all a few years old now and the dinosaur vets needed to carry out a lot of surgery! It looks like they’ve all recovered now though and even big Spinosaurus is moving like he should again.

Most of them have had a make over too with their skins looking refreshed and some of them have even gone through complete colour transformations. We hope that you will enjoy re-discovering our dinosaurs over the Christmas holidays!

Please note that we are still working on the new addition for the orangutan habitat at the moment but that this won’t affect the viewing of the dinosaurs. And remember, the dinosaurs are here to remind us that life is fragile, and that if we’re not careful, our legacy will be that we are the only species to be the cause of a mass extinction event and that even though we know this, we’ve done very little to stop it. The exhibit is more than just dinosaur models, it’s a chance for learning at all ages.