Sponsor Our Staff

In order to help us raise money to bring the 8 chimpanzees from the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in the USA to our park in 2015 a number of members of staff are doing activities or taking on challenges for which they are looking for sponsors.  Please find below all the details you might need to help you find a member of staff to sponsor and how to do so:

D’you Want to See Garylee Sweat?

Garylee Walker, one of our reptile keepers is going to cycle the equivalent of his route to and from work – a journey which would usually take him from Maidstone to Wingham and back, as a sponsored event to help raise funds for the chimpanzee move.  This journey is going to cover 80 miles however he will be doing the whole journey whilst at the park on a stationary bike, so that we can all show him our support.  He will be doing this ride on 27th July 2015.

To sponsor Garylee please get in touch using chimps@winghamwildlifepark.co.uk or donate directly through our just giving page below and put “sweat” in the comments:


Let’s Remove Our Curators Face Fuzz:

Congratulations to Markus who managed to raise £306.57 and shaved both his head and beard at the fund raising event