Tamandua Experiences

sloth and tamandua at Wingham Wildlife Park
sloth and tamandua at Wingham Wildlife Park a3a4c620-959d-4523-b4fd-37b91a49519b-1

Get up close an personal with our Tamandua!

  • Spend up to 20 minutes inside our tamandua enclosure
  • Get the chance to feed Terri
  • Choose from two time slots when you book
  • Enjoy access to the park on the day of your experience
  • 10% discount for season ticket holders (when purchased on the phone or in person)

The price for this experience is £70 for one person, or £120 for 2 people.

Our exciting Tamandua Experience allows you to get up close and personal with our Southern Tamandua – one of the most adorable characters we have here at Wingham Wildlife Park.

On our Tamandua Experience, you will have access inside the animal enclosure for between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the mood of Terri on the day. We want him to be happy after all!

Once you go into the enclosure, you will be seated so that Terri can sit on your lap while you feed him some insects. Once he has filled up a little he will want to burn off some calories so we will let him wander about at your feet, after which he will finish off his snacks if he hasn’t already.

When you’re inside the enclosure, you may also see our plantain squirrel, bush babies, armadillo and maybe even our snoozy sloth which all share their home with our Tamandua- meaning you’ll be able to get even closer to several of our amazing animals than anyone else.

During your Tamandua Experience, you will be the only people inside the enclosure at that time, so you’ll be able to enjoy some special one on one time with your new favourite friend. Our keepers will also share all their knowledge and stories too, meaning that you’ll come away having learnt even more about Tamanduas.

Don’t forget that as part of your experience ticket you will also receive day entry to Wingham Wildlife Park. Our park plays host to an incredible array of different animals, so you will be able to see even more than the Tamandua and his friends once you go exploring our grounds.

You can book our Tamandua Experience on any day of the week, with the choice of two time slots: either 11:30am, or 15.30pm.

You can purchase your experience online by clicking here (the link will open in a new tab, where you will be taken to an external website).

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