Tucuman Amazon

Tucuman Amazon at Wingham Wildlife Park

Tucuman Amazing Natural History

Can grow up to 31 cm (13 in) long, weighing 320 g.

Habitat and Distribution
Is found in Argentina & Bolivia, inhabiting humid and dry forests, savannahs and also farm land.

Lifespan in the wild is around 27 years, and in captivity around 50 years.

Consists mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a small amount seeds.

Groups and Breeding
The Tucuman Amazon nests in tree cavities, they normally lay 2-4 eggs in a clutch, with the female incubating for about 25 days, once hatched the young birds stay in the nest box for approximately 74 days.

The biggest threat is deforestation, but also capture for the pet trade.

Interesting Facts

  • The male and female look identical, and to determine the gender of the parrots they have to be surgically or DNA sexed.
  • The Tucuman Amazon is named after the province called Tucuman in Argentina.