Red Breasted Goose

Red Breasted Goose by the lake at Wingham Wildlife Park

Red Breasted Goose Natural History


The average size of this bird is between 53 and 56 cm.

Habitat and Distribution

The main breeding sites for this species are in Northern Russia, and it will emigrate over the winter to Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine and Romania.


The average lifespan of this species is around 15 years.


These birds will feed on a variety of grasses but also eat a large amount of seeds when they are available.

Groups and Breeding

These birds live in large flocks.

Interesting Facts

Red breasted geese often build their nests in close proximity to others of their species and to the nests of birds of prey who provide protection from predators.

The Red Breasted Goose During Your Day Out in Kent

The red breasted geese at our park freely roam around the large 1 acre lake in front of our lions, jaguars and pumas. This lake is also home to carp (mirror, common, ghost and leather), Koi, Indian runner ducks, bar-headed geese, a black swan, yellow bellied sliders and many other species.