Norwegian Rat at Wingham Wildlife Park

Rat Natural History

They grow up to 44 cm in length including the tail, with a weight of 150-500 g.

Habitat and Distribution
Can be found in any buildings but especially cellars and sewers, normally burrowing 2ft underground.

The rat has a lifespan between 2-5 years.

Rats tend to eat what’s available, mainly seeds, vegetables, fruit and meat.

Groups and Breeding
Rat’s tend to breed throughout the year, with a gestation period of 21 days, producing a litter of 7-8 blind and naked young, with the eyes opening at 14 days.

The main threats to rats are humans, cats and birds of prey.

Interesting facts
A pair of rats can produce around 200 young in a year.

The Rat During Your Day Out in Kent

Our rats can be seen in the pet village off of the reptile house. This are is also home to chipmunks, guinea pigs, domesticated rabbits, laboratory mice and Luzon cloud rats.