Polish Bantam Chicken

Polish bantam Chicken at Wingham Wildlife Park

Polish Bantam Chicken Natural History

These birds on average stand at around 12 inches to 15 inches high.

Habitat and Distribution
This is a domesticated bird which does not have a natural distribution, but can now be found in captivity almost all over the world.

The average lifespan of these birds is between 7 and 8 years.

The main diet of these birds is corn however they will take any commercial seed products.

Groups and Breeding
These birds live in groups of however many their owner may keep, but there seems to rarely be territorial disputes between them.  They sporadically produce single eggs which they do not tend to sit on for incubation, and most are incubated by their owners.

This bird is becoming ever more popular for livestock as it is fairly easy to rear but also as a pet species due to its impressive head crest, making it a very ornamental bird.

Interesting Facts

  • A fluffy looking variety of this bird has been selectively bred.  This fluffy appearance is caused by what is called the Frizzle gene.
  • The name Bantam originates from the name of the city (the city of Bantam in Indonesia) where the first Bantam breeds were imported from in to Europe.

Polish Bantam Chickens During Your Day Out in Kent

The polish bantam chickens at Wingham Wildlife Park have free range and can therefore be seen wandering all across the park along with peacocks.