Plantain Squirrel

Plantain Squirrel at Wingham Wildlife Park

Plantain Squirrel Natural History


Their body measures 20-30 cm with the tail doubling their length and range from 160-260 grams.

Habitat and Distribution

These squirrels occur in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and inhabit plantations, forests and gardens. They have also become urbanised in some cities.


They generally have a lifespan of between 3-7 years.


Their diet includes fruits, leaves and insects.

Groups and Breeding

Plantain squirrels can breed year round and females give birth to litters of 1-4 young 40 days after mating. The offspring are born hairless and with their eyes closed weighing roughly 16 grams and will usually leave the nest after six weeks.


This species is not considered to be threatened and is even considered a pest in some areas.

Interesting facts

One individual lived for over 9 and a half years.

The Plantain Squirrel During Your Day Out in Kent

The plantain squirrel at Wingham Wildlife Park are on display upstairs in the chimpanzee house. This area is also home to Linnaeus two toed sloths, Senegal bush babies, southern tamandua, southern three-banded armadillos and African pygmy hedgehogs plus cotton top, emperor and red handed tamarins.