Pea Fowl

Peacock at Wingham Wildlife Park

Pea Fowl Natural History


These birds have an average length of around 3 ft however when in breeding plume the males can reach lengths of 7.6 ft due to their massive decorative feathers.

Habitat and Distribution

This bird lives in scrubland on the Indian continent however introduced and feral populations live in many parts of the world where they have been released from or have escaped from collections where they are often encouraged to roam freely.


The average life span of this animal is 10 to 15 years.


The main diet of this omnivorous bird is made up of seeds and fruits, however they will also feed on insects and small reptiles.

Groups and Breeding

Females select a mate depending on the size and quality of his breeding plume which he will fan out at her and perform a courtship dance which best shows off this plumage to her.


The IUCN lists these birds as Least Concern

Interesting Facts

Males are called peacocks and females are called peahens. At the end of the mating season peacocks moult their impressive tail feathers which don’t regrow again until the start of the next mating season.

Pea Fowl During Your Day Out in Kent 

You can see the pea fowl all across the park as they have free roam. Throughout the spring they often lay nests and when the eggs hatch their young can be seen roaming the park with their mothers. You can purchase a tail feather which has been naturally shed in the park, at the gift shop.