Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig at Wingham Wildlife Park by David Gower

Guinea Pig Natural History


Guinea pigs commonly reach a length of 8 inches to 10 inches (20cm to 25cm) with weights of 700g to 1.2Kg.

Habitat and Distribution

The domestic guinea pig is not found in the wild in its domestic form, and it would be unlikely to survive if it did. This is due to the colour types and fur variations which have now been bred in to them, which would make them easy targets for predators.


Guinea pigs live for 6-8 years.


As herbivores they will eat hay, grass, flowers and leafy vegetables

Groups and Breeding

These are very social animals which are happiest when living with other guinea pigs. They generally reach sexual maturity at 10 weeks. 2 to 4 offspring are usually born after a gestation period of 60-70 days and are weaned when they are 2-3 weeks old.


The species doesn’t face any threats as they are bred in large numbers in captivity.

Interesting facts

Female guinea pigs are called sows, females are called boars and babies are pups.

The Guinea Pigs During Your Day Out in Kent

You can see the guinea pigs at Wingham Wildlife Park in two locations, firstly there is a group which live outside between the reptile house and the pink backed pelican enclosure. The second group live in our pet village off of the reptile house which is also home to rabbits, chipmunks, rats, mice and Luzon cloud rats.