Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove at Wingham Wildlife Park

Diamond Dove Natural History

They are a small pigeon with a length of 19-21cm (7.5-8.3in).

Habitat and Distribution
Diamond Doves are one of the smallest pigeons from Australia, which can be found near water areas.

In captivity they can live up to 12-14 years.

They eat small seeds, and will also eat ants.

Groups and Breeding
These birds tend to be found in pairs or small groups they breed after it has rained but mostly in the spring, nests are built from interwoven grasses and twigs. Two white eggs are laid and normally incubated for 13-14 days, chicks are usually fully feathered and flying by 2 weeks.

They have no threats but in captivity they don’t like to be out of their cage.

Interesting fact’s
The Diamond Doves wings make a whistling noise when flying.

Diamond Doves During Your Day Out in Kent

The Diamond Dove at Wingham Wildlife Park can be found in the tropical house. It shares the exhibit with several other other bird species such as a variety of lorikeets (dusky and rainbow), finches, blue crowned pigeons, speckled mouse birds and eclectus parrots. In the Spring and Summer this is a particularly beautiful walk through, indoor planted area.