Barheaded Goose

Bar-Necked Goose by the lake at Wingham Wildlife Park

Barheaded Goose Natural History


This goose has a size of 28 to 30 inches, and can weigh as much as 7 lbs.

Habitat and Distribution

The main breeding sites of this species are on the Tibetan Plateau where they nest around high altitude lakes. It crosses the himalayas to over winter in India, Assam, Burma and Pakistan.


The average lifespan of this bird is around 15 years.


The majority of this birds diet is made up of short grasses, although it will also feed on seeds.

Groups and Breeding

This is a flock bird, which can often be seen in groups made up of several thousand individuals. The females lay 3 to 8 eggs in a ground nest.


This bird faces few threats in the wild, and its astoundingly large flock numbers are proof that it is in no immediate danger, however as people move in to more and more remote areas of the world this could all change in the future.

Interesting facts

Having been spotted at 33,382 feet it is one of the highest flying birds in the world. Due to flying at this height it is able to ride jet streams meaning it can fly 1,000 miles in a single day while it migrates.

The Geese During Your Day Out in Kent

The barheaded geese are one of many species which can be seen enjoying the natural surroundings of our 1 acre lake at the top end of the park, alongside various other water fowl, cranes, storks and tapirs.