The Birds Are Back on Display!

As you may have heard, there have been some cases of bird flu in mainland Europe, with a handful of cases in the UK.  As a precautionary measure the British government has put in to place some temporary measures to keep the British bird population healthy.  Please read on for more details about how this affects Wingham Wildlife Park…

Crowned Crane

Firstly we would like to reassure you that there have so far been no cases in our local area, and certainly not at our park.  Temporary rules have come in to effect which somewhat relax those rules which had been in place for the past few months, which restricted the viewing of these animals.  However with the new relaxed rules we are able to much better display the birds, which means that only the macaws will remain off display, which will most likely remain the case until at least the end of April 2017.

These restrictions simply mean that a full roof remains over our aviaries (however the green netting has now been removed from the sides), our free roaming animals are taken in at night (but will be out to see you during the days) and a foot wash will be in effect when you use the tropical house (which is just a mat on the floor which will help to clean any contaminants off the bottoms of shoes and buggy wheels), which we ask that you please do use.

However, please don’t worry, all of our birds are perfectly happy and healthy in their temporary and / or modified enclosures.