Some Bird Enclosures Temporarily Closed

As you may have heard, there have been some cases of bird flu in mainland Europe, with a handful of cases in the UK.  As a precautionary measure the British government has put in to place some temporary measures to keep the British bird population healthy.  Please read on for more details about how this affects Wingham Wildlife Park…

Crowned Crane

Firstly we would like to reassure you that there have so far been no cases in our local area, and certainly not at our park.  Temporary rules have come in to effect which apply to anyone keeping captive birds, and how these are implemented at our park is as follows:

  • Our 10:00am penguin walk will no longer be taking place at present, however they will remain to be on display in their enclosure and encounters will not be affected.
  • Food sold at reception for the animals is currently only to be used for the goats as free roaming birds have been caught up and moved to enclosures for now.  As such availability of food may be more limited than usual.
  • The flamingo walk through enclosure will be closed.
  • The tropical house will be closed, however the foyer area housing our bats and night monkeys will remain open.
  • The macaws on open perches will not be on display at present, while all cockatoos will be housed in the large parrot flight.
  • The pheasant aviaries will be covered so viewing may not be possible or may be limited.
  • Our cranes and storks will be housed indoors.

As you can see these rules only affect our bird collection and where possible we are making every effort to ensure that our birds can still be seen.  They should only be in force until the end of April, and we hope that the spread of bird flu in other parts of Europe and the UK is controlled to ensure that our birds can return to normal life at our park as quickly as possible.

However, please don’t worry, all of our birds are perfectly happy and healthy in their temporary and / or modified enclosures.