Have you seen our keepers blog?

To try and give you a little more of an insight in to the wider work which we do here at the park, and to allow our staff to tell you a bit about what makes their jobs species or what else they find so exciting about the wildlife conservation field, why not take a look at our keepers blog section.  We have a number of our keepers, as well as our curator who write content for the site and whilst it is not updated too often, it does give a really great insight in to life at Wingham Wildlife Park.

In the past we have had blog entries about bird ringing, Pickle the gibbon, what the keeper job involves, how to become a keeper, a typical day in the life of a primate keeper, fund raising events and even how you can use your old mobile phones to help wildlife conservation!  All of these posts are still on the site waiting to be viewed, so please feel free to click above and take a look through our keepers blog section!