Nursery & Pre-School Visits

One of Kents favourite attractions!

Our unique mix of fun, excitement and education coupled with some of the lowest educational visit prices in the South East make a visit to Wingham Wildlife Park an unbeatable outing at any time of the year (weekdays in the school-term only) for your nursery or pre-school group.

All for a Good Cause

As a non-profit organisation, all proceeds from your visit go toward the care and up-keep of our hundreds of animals, many of which are rescued and unwanted.


  • Get really close to and learn more about our furry, feathered and scaly friends.
  • Low Prices and Great Value
  • Our walk-through open enclosures give children of all ages a unique chance of a really close encounter with our friendly animals.
  • Huge Outdoor Adventure Playground.  A visit to our park should be fun as well as educational and our huge outdoor adventure playground will give children of all ages the chance to safely let off steam.  Please note that the Indoor play area can not be used during educational visits.


Your nursery or pre-school group containing children aged 2 to 4 years may book on our educational visit rate as broken down below.  This rate is designed to give children a chance to learn from an early age about the natural world they live in, as such this rate does not include entry to the indoor play area and is limited to 3 adults per child on this rate (all additional adults will receive our group rate).

Children (Aged 2 years – 4 years) £6.50 per head

Supervising adults (1 adult per 3 children) £6.50 per head

Additional adults (all adults which exceed the above ratio) £17.00 per head

The above ratios of adults to children have been put in to place to ensure a cost effective way to ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable day out at Wingham Wildlife Park, and were arrived at with the aid of NSPCC and Safe Network advice.

Animal talk session – £20 per session (lasting around 20 minutes depending on the group size), with a maximum of 45 students per group.  This is an educational talk about reptiles and invertebrates.

Health and Safety

We aim to give all our visitors a fun, safe and exciting day out. The park is regularly inspected by the local HSO and conforms to all the latest regulations. There are plenty of well signed hand wash facilities around the park. You can see our Risk Assessment information in the menu to the right.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of a visit to Wingham Wildlife Park, please do not hesitate to call us on 01227 720836

Booking a Visit…

To book a visit, call on 01227 720836 to check availability and make your reservation.


Download, Print and Send in the appropriate booking form:

Please complete and return the form along with a £39 cheque to:

Wingham Wildlife Park

Rusham Road