Texas Rat Snake

Texas Rat Snake at Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent

Texas Rat Snake Natural History


This species grows up to 1.8 (3.5- 6 ft)

Habitat and Distribution

Dry grassland throughout Texas, Louisiana, Kansas and Oklahoma.


On average they reach 10-15 years of age, but some have lived for more than 20.


Their diet includes rodents, eggs, mice, rats, birds, lizards and frogs.

Groups and Breeding

Females may lay two clutches of eggs per year, but in colder climates it tends to be less. Mating often takes place in the late spring, five weeks later the female will lay up to 20 eggs per clutch. Texas rat snakes offer no parental protection or care to their offspring which hatch two months later. These snakes reach sexual maturity at 2-3 years of age.


Texas rat snakes are fairly common within their range.

Interesting Facts

The colour of these snakes varies by location. Texas rat snakes in eastern Texas are greyish while those in central Texas are yellower.

The Texas Rat Snake During Your Day Out in Kent

Our Texas rat snake can be seen in the reptile house along side a number of other reptiles including snakes, geckos, monitors, crocodilians, frogs and invertebrates such as flat rock scorpions.