Southern Tamandua

Southern Tamandua at Wingham Wildlife Park


21 to 34 inches with a weight of 4.5 to 17 lbs.

Habitat and Distribution

This is a rainforest dwelling species which can be found in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Trinidad, Guyana, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia.


The average lifespan of this species is around 8 years.


In the wild they eat ants (being able to eat up to 9,000 in a single day), in captivity however many zoos use a specially formulated liquid diet.

Groups and Breeding

After a gestation period of around 5 months they generally give birth to a single baby.


These animals are classified by the IUCN redlist as least concern because they adapt fairly well to their environment and their numbers are fairly steady, however as with many species which inhabit the rainforests of south and central America they are affected greatly by logging (destroying their habitat and segregating animals.

Interesting facts

Tamanduas have no teeth as their main diet is made up of ants.