Sika Deer

Sika Deer at Wingham Wildlife Park


This deer stands at 75cm to 90cm at the shoulder, and reach weights of 40Kg to 70Kg.
Habitat and Distribution.

This Asian deer is found throughout parts of Siberia, Korea, Southern China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. It has also been introduced to areas of Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, France United Kingdom, New Zealand, Poland and areas of the United States of America. It favours habitats with woodland where it can take cover.

The average life span of this species is around 15 years.
This grazing animal mainly feeds off ground plants but will also eat the leaves and shoots of low hanging shrubs.
Groups and Breeding.

During most of the year these deer are solitary, building small groups over the winter months. Their breeding season runs from September to November, with the young (generally a single young per female, although occasionally twins) being born around May.

Due to the extinction of natural predators throughout their range this species has been gaining in number for some time and hunting in small numbers has since been encourage through its range to help control their population and limit the damage caused to their habitat by high population numbers.

Interesting facts.

In some of their ranges they overlap with red deer, with which they readily breed making a large number of hybrids, and in areas of the UK where red deer used to be common it is becoming more difficult to find pure bred red deer.