Pardine Genet

Pardine Genets at Wingham Wildlife Park


On average these small predators have a body length of around 20 inches (50cm) with a tail of around 16 inches (40cm) in length.

Habitat and Distribution

This is an adept climbing species living in bush land and dry forests in Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Guinea, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia.


This species can live for around 20 years.


This species is predominantly a predator feeding on small mammals and insects but is an opportunistic feeder which will also eat fruit and raid houses.

Groups and Breeding

In the wild this species is largely solitary, coming together to breed.  After mating the gestation for this species is approximately 90 days after which the female can give birth to up to 5 kittens.


This species adapts well to a wide variety of habitats and is spread across a relatively large range.  Due to this it is classed as least concern, however it is hunted for bush meat.

Interesting facts

In the wild this is a very shy species and as such there is not much known about their natural mating, courtship, hunting and behavioural patterns.