Mediterranean Miniature Donkey

Miniature Donkey at Wingham Wildlife Park


The maximum height of these donkeys is 36 inches, although between 30 inches and 34 inches is average.

Habitat and Distribution
This breed originates from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

On average these donkeys will live for 35 to 40 years although some have been recorded at well over 50 years.


These animals are a grazing species, which do not require large amounts of grass as their small size has meant they can easily adapt to the small amount of fresh grasses available in their very dry natural range.

Groups and Breeding
These are strict herd animals which do not fare well in captivity on their own, pining constantly for company. These donkeys pair up to breed for life and require the social interactions which they receive from each other. When these donkeys do breed, they have a gestation period of 11 to 13 months and are sexually mature from the age of around 1 year, however females should not be bred until the age of 3 years. They will give birth to just a single foal.

These donkeys are almost extinct in their home range however are live and well in captivity where they are becoming ever popular in the pet trade.

Interesting facts
The correct name for a male donkey is a Jack, while females are called Jennys. This breed is now recognised as a show breed.