Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

Lady Amhersts Pheasant at Wingham Wildlife Park by grace French


This bird can reach lengths of around 120cm with 80cm of this being taken up by the tail.

Habitat and Distribution

This bird is endemic to southwestern China, however has been introduced to England where it has settled in small populations outside of the ranges where it was introduced as a game bird.


In the wild these birds live for between 6 to 10 years however in captivity they have been recorded living for over 15 years.


This bird will feed on a varied diet which includes seeds, berries, leaf matter and even a small number of insects.

Groups and Breeding

Depending on the climate these bird usually start to breed in June, where the females will lay clutches of 6 to 12 eggs which they will incubate for 23 to 24 days.


Due to its healthy population through out its home range this bird is classed as least concern, with the only threats to this species coming from the effects of habitat destruction.

Interesting facts

Even though it is able to fly, even when threatened this bird prefers to run, however it will take small flights to allow them to roost in trees.