European Horned Nose Viper



On average this species can reach lengths of around 33 inches, although they have been recorded as large as 38 inches.

Habitat and Distribution

Rocky areas are the most common habitats to find these snakes in, throughout much of Southern Europe, through to the Middle East, including Austria, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Syria.


These snakes can live an average life of 20 year, however there have been reports of these snakes living for over 30 years in captivity.


The majority of this snakes diet is made up of small mammals such as mice and young rats.

Groups and Breeding

The mating season for this species is April and May, with the females giving birth to 1 to 20 live young during August to October.


As with many of Europes reptiles, these snakes are threatened in the wild, and are protected from collection for the pet trade and malicious destruction. However they are still affected by issues such as human encroachment on to their habitat and predation by introduced predators such as domestic cats.

Interesting fact’s

Due to their size, venom strength and the length of their fangs, this species is considered to be the most dangerous of the European Vipers.