Edwards Pheasant

Edwards Pheasant at Wingham Wildlife Park


This bird reaches lengths of 58cm to 67cm.

Habitat and Distribution

The range of this pheasant is spread across Vietnam where it lives in rainforest areas.

Age These birds are thought to live for around 10 years.


The main diet of these birds is made up of seeds, berries, buds and leaves however will also take a very small number of insects in their diet.

Groups and Breeding

This bird lays clutches of 4 to 7 eggs which take between 24 and 25 days to hatch.


This bird is classed as endangered with an estimated 1000 to 3000 birds left in the wild, however conservation efforts in captivity are keeping captive populations healthy as they take well to captive breeding.

Interesting facts

There is a subspecies of this pheasant which is considered to be a hybrid between the Edwards Pheasant and SIlver Pheasant.