Dusky Lorikeet

Dusky Lorikeet in the tropical house at Wingham Wildlife Park

Dusky Lorikeet Natural History


This bird has a fairly short tail bringing their full length to around 10 inches and only weighs 5 to 6.7 ounces.

Habitat and Distribution

This species lives in subtropical forests at elevations of under 2500m on the islands of New Guinea, Salawati and Yapen.


The average lifespan of this species is around 28 years.


Lorys are fairly specialist feeders not only eating a mixture of fruits and seeds but also drinking a substantial amount of plant nectar.

Groups and Breeding

After breeding these birds lay 2 eggs which hatch out after around 25 days.


This species are often persecuted as crop pests but they are currently considered to have stable numbers and are ranked as ‘least concern’ by the IUCN.

Interesting Facts

Dusky lorikeets are highly sought after species for their playful characters and great social skills which can make them very interactive with humans.

The Dusky Lorikeet During Your Day Out in Kent

The Dusky Lorikeet at Wingham Wildlife Park can be found in the tropical house. It shares the exhibit with several other other bird species such as a variety of lorikeets (black winged, goeldi and rainbow), finches, blue crowned pigeons, speckled mouse birds and eclectus parrots. In the Spring and Summer this is a particularly beautiful walk through, indoor planted area where the free flying birds can fly overhead.