Blue Crowned Pigeon



These large pigeons have an average length of 28 inches (70cm) and can weigh over 4 and a half pounds (2.1kg).

Habitat and Distribution

This is a rainforest dwelling species found in Papua.


This species can live for over 20 years.


Being a rainforest dweller this species feeds on a large variety of fruits along with various seed.  It feeds at ground level.

Groups and Breeding

These birds do not mate for life, however after wooing his prospective female, the male will bring nesting material to her.  Whilst the female will do most of the work with the single egg she will lay, the males will also incubate them while the female feeds.  The egg takes approximately 30 days to hatch.


A lot of threats plague this species which is often hunted both as food (due to its size) and for its plumage.  It is vulnerable to extinction partly for this reason, but also because the area it lives in suffers greatly from habitat destruction.

Interesting fact’s

These birds make a loud clapping sound when in flight.