Common Pheasant

Common Pheasant at Wingham Wildlife Park by karen Mankelow

This pheasant can reach lengths of 53cm to 89cm.

Habitat and Distribution
The common pheasant which is the main ancestor of this hybrid species is endemic to Asia however the black pheasant seems to be most abundant in the common pheasants introduced and feral ranges, particularly in the United Kingdom.

The average lifespan of this bird is believed to match that of the common pheasant which is up to around 15 years.

The majority of this birds diet is vegetarian taking a variety of seeds, leaves, buds and berries however adult birds will also eat a variety of small insect.

Groups and Breeding
This bird originates from a cross breeding of pheasant species, and like the common pheasant it can be fairly social, or at least tolerant of other pheasants in the area. After breeding it will lay between 8 and 14 eggs which hatch after 22 to 25 days of incubation.